McKay Cottage Restaurant

creative comfort food

62910 O.B. Riley Road
Bend, Oregon
(541) 383-2697

Open every day!
7am to 2pm


From the Bakery

Award winning scones, muffins & more (changes daily).

Cottage Granola

This is the best granola ever! Made from scratch right here, with pecans and dried blueberries. Topped with fresh berries & bananas and your choice of cold milk or organic vanilla yogurt   $10.25

Apple-Cranberry Irish Oatmeal

Deliciously nutty hearty steel cut oats topped with our homemade granola & fresh apple-cranberry compote. Served with brown sugar and milk   $9.75

Fresh Seasonal Fruit

A healthy bowl of fresh fruits & seasonal berries served with homemade strawberry crème fraîche   $9.50


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